Bluegrass Cool n Condition Cubes

Bluegrass Cool n Condition Cubes

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Bluegrass Cool N Condition Cubes have been specially designed for horses and ponies that need extra help to maintain their weight without the ‘fizz’. A Fully balanced, slow-releasing conditioning cube, Fortified in Equi-Jewel® to help promote show ring condition and shine.

Equi-Jewel is a high fat stabalised rice bran with calcium, vitamin E and selenium. It is naturally high in oil and fibre but low in starch.

Fortified in Stamm 30®  containing live yeast cultures to promote gastrointestinal health and ehnace the bioavailability of nutrients. 

The addition of different energy sources in Bluegrass Cool N Condition Cubes promotes weight gain without the "fizz" temperament often associated with high grain diets. 

Designed for

  • Moderate - Hard Work
  • Show Horses
  • Sales Prepping
  • Hard to Keep Horses
  • Competition - Performance Horses
  • Seniors & Veterans
  • Excitable Horses
  • Horse needing condition

What's inside

  • Fully balanced conditioning cube
  • High fat content to help promote excellent skin and coat condition
  • High fat content from various sources to help increases the energy density of the feed, without the fizz commonly associated with high grain horse feeds.
  • Equi-Jewel
  • Fortified in Stamm 30 

Analytical Constituents

Cool N Condition
Digestible Energy (mj/kg) 13.5
Protein % 12
Oil % 5.5
Fibre % 11.6
Ash % 6.4
Starch % 25

Composition(Descending Order)

Wheatfeed, barley, soya (bean) hulls *GM1, maize, linseed meal, sugar beet, soya oil, equijewel, molasses, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vitamin E, yea-sac, trace ultra

*GM1- Produced from genetically modified soya

Vitamin A: 8,000 IU/KG, Vitamin D3: 800 IU/KG, Vitamin E, 130 IU/KG

Feeding Guidelines: 

*Based on daily intake, fed with high quality forage at a recommended minimum of 1.5% body weight per day based on a 500kg horse

                            Light Work       Moderate Work             Hard Work

Pony                   1-1.5kg              1.5-2kg                           2-2.5kg

Horse                  1.5-2kg              2.5-3kg                           3.5-5kg