NAF Laminaze Pellets

NAF Laminaze Pellets

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Keeping prone horses and ponies healthy and safe all year round is a priority for owners and feeding targeted support couldn’t be easier.

The targeted and unique formula of NAF Five Star Laminaze Pellets offers Five Star Treatment for prone horses and ponies who seem to live on fresh air and as a result, can be sensitive to seasonal pasture changes, which occur all year round. The formula retains the nutritional support of original Laminaze, bringing together a synergistic blend of bio-available sulphur from MSM, key nutrients for hoof support, and naturally sourced antioxidants to support the absence of damaging free radical toxins.

These benefits have been combined with NAF Five Star BioG, a blend of prebiotic MOS and FOS, live probiotic yeast and new postbiotic metabolites for all round support of the microbiome. Alongside BioG, Laminaze Pellets provide additional metabolic nutritional support through bentonite digestive clay, inactivated charcoal (vegetal carbon) and ginger and licorice for herbal digestive health.

•    For healthy laminae
•    Feed daily to sensitive individuals
•    Supporting the absence of free radical toxins
•    Supporting a healthy metabolism
•    Supporting an all-round healthy microbiome
•    Supporting overall digestive health
•    Use alongside or immediately after Veterinary Treatment
•    Use a weigh tape weekly to note both girth line and mid-neck circumference
•    Keep up exercise as much as possible
•    Restrict grazing access where necessary, consider•    Nighttime turnout, restricted daytime•    Grazing muzzles•    Strip grazing or track system