Premier Performance Multi-Vitamin Cookies

Premier Performance Multi-Vitamin Cookies

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Premier Performance Multi Vitamin and Mineral Cookies have been carefully formulated to provide your horse with the required vitamins and minerals in optimal proportions to support your horse’s health and performance.

By feeding these cookies you are providing the required levels of essential vitamins and minerals that your horse or pony needs based on the NRC (National Research Council) for horses’ recommendations to support your horse’s health and performance.

Vitamins and minerals are essential to maintaining overall health as they play a vital role in the body’s metabolic processes. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the diet can alter bodily functions and may eventually lead to ill health or disease

When feeding our unique Multi Vitamin Cookie you can ensure that your horse receives the full amount of their required levels of vitamins and minerals rather than feeding a traditional powder form supplement where feed can often be left or spilled.

Ideal for your ‘good doer’ and those kept on a forage only diet, or for horses kept out at grass who receive little or no traditional concentrate/supplementary feeds.

Perfect for any situation where bucket feeds within a herd may not be possible, including broodmares and youngstock – or if you do not wish to bring your horse in from the field for a feed.