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CoolStance Copra

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Premium Coconut (Copra) Meal

  • The only low NSC, high energy, GMO free feed in the world
  • Insulin resistance safe
  • Laminitis safe

CoolStance Copra is premium quality coconut (copra) meal, made from the white part of the coconut, which is dried, baked and ground. It is totally natural and is chemical and GMO free. CoolStance provides the horse with cool and trainable energy.

The oil in CoolStance (coconut oil) is saturated and rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT). This means it is highly stable (not prone to rancidity) and can provide your horse with ready, non-glucose energy.

Most horses love the taste of CoolStance. It is rich in quality protein, and the oil assists with coat condition. CoolStance contains <11% NSC (sugar and starch) and has a high content of digestible energy. CoolStance may support horses with metabolic disorders including tying up, laminitis or excitable behaviour.

In the UK and Europe, we would recommend feeding CoolStance wet or damp. Our horses are subjected to damper pasture, higher rainfall and softer hay in the UK and Europe resulting in our horses producing less saliva when eating.

By feeding CoolStance wet, it is also a great way of ensuring your horse has access to a greater water intake which helps to rehydrate. Wetting or dampening CoolStance can also prevent dust irritation. Completely free of prohibited substances. It is regularly batch tested, aflatoxin tested and regulated by FEMAS.

What type of horse is CoolStance Copra suitable for?

CoolStance Copra is a versatile feed that is suitable for all types of horses and ponies. Due to it’s low NSC content, this makes it ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis, EMS, Cushings or are in other ways metabolically challenged.

It’s a truly non heating feed so is a safe choice for those horses that are on box rest or in very light work. It can form the base of any feed or can be used as an addition for extra condition or weight gain to an already nutritionally balanced diet.

Feeding the hard-working horse.

CoolStance Copra is a popular choice amongst owners whose horses are in hard work. The oil in Copra (coconut oil) contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that are easier to digest, absorb and utilise in comparison to the long-chain fatty acids found in other oils such as flax, soya and rice-bran oil.

MCTs are absorbed directly into the portal blood and transported to the liver. By comparison, long chain fatty acids are absorbed into the lymphatics and slowly transported to the liver. MCTs appear to behave more like glucose than other oils, meaning coconut oil provides a ready source of energy for use during exercise.