Thunderbrook HayCobs
Thunderbrook HayCobs
Thunderbrook HayCobs
Thunderbrook HayCobs

Thunderbrook HayCobs

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A completely dust free high fibre forage based feed. Can be fed as a full or partial hay replacer.

HayCobs can also be hand fed as treats or in a treat ball. No pre-soaking required.

Contains over 50 varieties of alpine grasses and herbs. No preservatives, additives, binders, GM ingredients or chemical processing.

  • Ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system
  • Suitable for horses prone to laminitis
  • Low sugar and starch

When feeding HayCobs dry, feed them separately, not as part of a mash or sprinkled on top of a feed. Your horse must be able to chew them thoroughly. If your horse is prone to choke, do not feed dry. Instead, soak thoroughly to make a mash before feeding.

For veterans or horses with poor dental condition HayCobs can be pre-soaked with warm water to make a tasty mash. As a mash, it can be used as a carrier for Thunderbrook Synergy, Daily Essentials or other supplements.

If soaking the HayCobs, we recommend that you soak them for at least 3 hours, or preferably overnight, to make sure there are no hard centres left in the mash.