TopSpec Cool Balancer

TopSpec Cool Balancer

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TopSpec Cool Balancer is designed for horses and ponies that need extra condition but no fizz and that are in light to medium work.

  • Equine Feed Balancer
  • For Light to Medium Work
  • Helps Build Condition
  • Non Heating
  • Low in Starch & Sugar

Cool Balancer is a Non-Heating cereal-grain-free formula; with low levels of starch and sugar, plus good quality protein.

Cool Balancer forms the ideal introduction to feeding balancers for those horse owners who are attracted to the idea of giving their horse ad-lib forage balanced by smaller hard feeds. It provides a very palatable, safe and effective way to improve condition and topline without adding excess calories to the diet.

It stimulates condition whilst delivering a formula that not only avoids exciting horses but also includes ingredients that may reduce anxiety and help horses relax.

Cool Balancer is an economical feed balancer for those horses that do not need a hoof supplement and are not working hard or showing or stressed.

Feeding TopSpec Cool Balancer improves the amount of nutrients that a horse can extract from his feed in very similar ways to TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer. Because the horse can extract more nutrients from forage the amount of concentrate that needs to be fed can be reduced. This benefits digestion and is a more natural way of feeding leading to a more relaxed horse.

The forage to concentrate ratio is also improved because Cool Balancer is very nutrient-dense. It is fed in very small quantities, for example just 500g (approximately two beakers) a day for a typical 16hh middleweight weighing 500kg. A small amount of hard feed obviously leaves more space in the digestive system for forage than a large hard feed.

Because it contains very low levels of sugar and starch and is fed in very low amounts the chance of excess sugars and starch overflowing from the foregut to the hindgut and causing a microbial imbalance leading to acidic conditions is virtually eliminated. Therefore the chances of horse behaving badly due to acid guts are minimized.

Cool Feed Balancer is richly endowed with B vitamins, some of which have long been considered helpful for their relaxing effect. It also contains helpful levels of anti-oxidants which can certainly help to neutralise the effects of stress in a horse and by so doing may help him relax.

Magnesium is included at 0.6% which will contribute 3g of magnesium per day to the diet of a 500kg horse. This may help some horses to concentrate better, particularly when stressed.